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Which Christmas stocking stand is best?

Regardless of how well-decorated your fireplace mantel is, it tends to feel incomplete until you hang up your Christmas stockings. But how do you decide which Christmas stocking stand best embodies the holiday spirit? With the seemingly endless list of holders, it may seem like you’re forced to close your eyes and go with the one you randomly point to. 

If you feel overwhelmed with stocking holder options, learn a few things about the best stocking stands to help you decide. One of the top Christmas stocking stands is the TisYourSeason Metal Scroll Stand Christmas Stocking Holder Hanger.

What to know before you buy a Christmas stocking stand

Holiday decor

When looking at Christmas stocking stands, you must consider the overall interior decor style you chose for the holiday. If you decide to go with a rustic look this season, shiny and modern holders may stick out and ruin the entire ambiance. 

Conversely, if your decor includes reflective platinum and gold pieces, a bold red stand won’t precisely match. If you’re torn on which style works best to give a holiday feel, you can always go with a minimal stocking holder. That way, you can easily place your favorite Christmas garland over them to make it look like they’re not even there. 

Matching sets

Whether your family enjoys matching on the holidays or having an individual design, there’s one thing for certain. Buying sets of stocking holders are much more budget-friendly than purchasing them individually.

Size and visuals

There is a wide range of Christmas stocking stands that fit everyone’s unique tastes. For example, you can find vintage iron stands, bold-colored Santas and even a free-standing Christmas stocking holder. 

That said, most holders are similarly sized. The most apparent difference is the weight capacity and visual design. While the right size for your family may be a personal preference, it also depends on how much space you have left on your fireplace mantel. 

For example, an elaborate garland with tea candles and ornaments might not have enough space to accommodate a heavy and decorative stocking holder. In that case, neutral curved holders tend to work best. They require minimal space and can tuck under your other decorations. 

What to look for in a quality Christmas stocking stand

Weight capacity

Many people overlook one aspect of Christmas stocking stands, and it’s nothing to do with the stand itself. Filled with the holiday spirit, people sometimes buy more stocking stuffers than originally planned. The last thing you want is to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of stocking stuffers, only to have them topple under the weight. 

A fool-proof safety measure is to go with a holder that can accommodate a minimum of 10 pounds. While a handful of small chocolates doesn’t seem like much, it can quickly add up. 

Most holders can hold 2-20 pounds. So even if the base feels heavy, it pays to double-check the maximum weight capacity before purchasing. 


As mentioned earlier, there are Christmas stocking stands for everyone. The abundance of holders that grip onto fireplace mantels can be a huge disappointment if you don’t have a fireplace. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel left out this year. 

While not as common, you can find a Christmas stocking floor stand that looks perfect next to your Christmas tree and gifts. On the plus side, children don’t have to move far from unwrapping their gifts to emptying their stockings. 


Every material used in a stocking stand has advantages and disadvantages. For example, you may find budget-friendly stocking holders with rubber grips, which helps ensure there’s no damage to your mantel. 

However, they may come with the downside of being unable to hold up as much weight as metal counterparts and may break in storage. 

On the other hand, heavier metal pieces typically have more elaborate holiday designs. For instance, there are holders with metal picture frames to showcase your favorite baby or family photo or even sophisticated holders with stunning marble bases. 

Those that plan on using the same Christmas stocking stand for years to come will benefit from neutral metal stands. The metal material ensures that it won’t break in storage and the neutral design ensures it’ll match the next season’s most popular trend. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas stocking stand

Depending on the material, weight capacity and overall size, you can expect to spend $10-$120 on a quality Christmas stocking stand. 

Best Christmas stocking stand FAQ

How can you hang stockings without a fireplace mantel? 

A. If you don’t have a fireplace, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of options to hang your stockings this holiday season. If you take a few moments to look around your home, you can get creative with what you have. For example, you can get a tall free-standing holder or use the knobs on your living room dressers or doors. Walls are also an excellent place to hang Christmas stockings. If you’re open to it, you can screw a curtain rod right next to your tree or behind your couch to complete the holiday ambiance. This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of how you can hang stockings without a fireplace mantel. The only limit here is your imagination.  

What gifts should you put in a Christmas stocking?

A. Traditionally, stockings for children are filled with small chocolates, candies and fruits. Good stocking stuffers include smaller cosmetics and useful items like ties or even socks for older children and adults. However, nearly no one is going to be unhappy to receive a stocking full of Belgian chocolates. 

What’s the best Christmas stocking stand to buy?

Top Christmas stocking stand

TisYourSeason Metal Scroll Stand Christmas Stocking Holder Hanger

TisYourSeason Metal Scroll Stand Christmas Stocking Holder Hanger

What you need to know: This stocking stand comes in gold or black to complement any holiday decor style. 

What you’ll love: This Christmas stocking stand comes with 5 hooks, which is more than most, and each hook holds up to 5 lbs. The stand, which features scrolled detailing, is made of metal making it strong and sturdy. 

What you should consider: You cannot purchase additional hooks, although some customers have improvised with other household items. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas stocking stand for the money

The Lakeside Collection Gnome Stocking Holder - Indoor Christmas Decoration with Cute Figurines

The Lakeside Collection Gnome Stocking Holder – Indoor Christmas Decoration with Cute Figurines

What you need to know: This stocking stand from The Lakeside Collection provides the most value for the money. 

What you’ll love:  The design resembles a miniature, freestanding coat rack and has 4 hooks that can hold up to 4 Christmas stockings. The design features 3 cute gnome figures on top making it a great accompaniment if you have other fun Christmas décor.  

What you should consider: While it can hold heavy stockings, the frame is not overly strong. It would be best placed close to a wall for extra support.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Store Christmas Stocking Holder

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Store Christmas Stocking Holder

What you need to know: This free-standing Christmas stocking holder is durable enough to last many years and is perfect for those without a fireplace mantel. 

What you’ll love: This heavy-duty Christmas stocking holder is made from wrought iron and can extend up to 60 inches. It’s also treated with rust-resistant coating to help make it a holiday piece you can pass down from one generation to the next. It features six hooks that can hold up to 20 pounds each. If it’s appropriately counter-balanced, each hook could potentially hold more than the allotted amount. 

What you should consider: It may require minor work to get the pole to stand at a perfect 90-degree angle. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

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