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It’s the puzzle taking over Facebook. Can you find the panda among all the snowmen?

Hungarian artist Dudolf’s cartoon challenges you to find the panda in a crowd of snowmen.

Can you find it? It’s there — we promise.

The puzzle was shared on Facebook last week. It has been liked over 45,000 times and has over 105,000 shares.

Some Facebook users had some fun with the puzzle. One commenter wrote:

I found a dragon, 2 slippers, a can of pop and no panda. Nice try!

Another commenter wrote:

I found the panda, and a candy cane

Still can’t find it? Scroll down for a hint.

Keep scrolling. Here it comes:

Find the snowman with the black hat. Do you see a panda hanging out with him?

Still can’t find it? Scroll down for the spoiler.

Here comes the spoiler….

No turning back now.

Find the snowman with the black hat. Look three heads to upper-right.