Turkey Time with David

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The first time I saw a turkey carved this way, I was amazed. The pre-sliced turkey is divided into portions of white meat and dark, drumsticks and wings on the side, and can be sauced before serving. These are turkey carving suggestions provided by Danny Goldstein.

Roast turkey according to your favorite recipe.

Tent with foil and allow to cool about 45 minutes to an hour.

Carefully, try to remove skin in one piece. Set aside.

Remove wings and drumsticks carving at joint closest to breast. Set aside.

Break away the turkey breast section from the lower dark thigh meat.  The turkey breast is made up of 2 sides. Using the tip of a knife trim one side away from the bone. Repeat with other side of breast. Now you can slice the dark meat and place on platter. Carving across the grain, slice the breast meat and place on platter.

Arrange wings and drumsticks on platter. You can serve now,,, or cover the carved meat with turkey skin and refrigerate until an hour before dinner time. To reheat, set oven to 350. Covered with turkey skin and a piece of loose foil, reheat turkey 45 minutes to an hour.

Have fun & good luck!

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