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Courtesy of Chef Matthew Ward
Culinary Vegetable Institute

-asparagus, shaved and blanched
-asparagus tips, pickled (apple cider vin)
-asparagus tips, roasted/seared/grilled
-asparagus ends, juiced
-Calvin Pea Tendrils
-Pea Blooms
-petite snow peas
-Dill & tarragon
-sliced bread, Sourdough baguette or boule
-salt and pepper
-lemon zest

-toast sliced bread (two pieces) in butter, salt lightly when toasted to your preference
-Mix asparagus juice, vinegar, oil and salt to taste for light dressing.
-crumble and evenly distribute chèvre on toasted bread. Salt the chèvre. Lightly zest lemon over chèvre.
-dress shaved asparagus and petite peas with prepared dressing, salt and pepper to taste
-arrange asparagus, Tendrils and peas on bread slices.
-garnish with dill, tarragon and pea Blooms.
-serve immediately and enjoy.