Bree Happy Designs

Bringing fun and bright colors to your fall wardrobe! Bree Happy Designs will be at the Village Peddler Festival this weekend!

Cleveland Clinic

To learn more about the services at the Cleveland Clinic, click here.

The Cleveland Congenital Heart Walk

Raising awareness to improve the lives of those living with Congenital Heart Defect. The Cleveland Congenital Heart Walk is the nation’s largest event series dedicated to funding congenital heart defect research.

Cool World

A whimsical storefront located in the Gordon Square arts district! Cool World is a blast from the past!

Culinaire Pavane

Satisfy your sweet tooth! Culinaire Pavane has chocolate covered apples, homemade biscotti, sea-salt caramels and pretzels and so much more!

The Davery Tree Expert Company

A holistic and sustainable approach to restoring your soil for healthier plants and gardens! Learn more about The Davery Tree Expert Company!

Evangeline Sews

Young entrepreneur sews tick-or-treat bags for Halloween! Evangeline Sews will be located at the Brunswick Farmers Market this Sunday!

Golden Reserve

It is never too early to start planning for retirement. Golden Reserve has you covered, click here to learn more.

GRACE Elderberry

Boast your immune system with GRACE Elderberry Syrup! A small drop goes along way in your coffee or tea!

Playhouse Square

Dance Showcase, presented by Terry & Sheldon Adelman, brings the area’s finest dance artists onto one stage!

Umani Rice Bowls

An Authentic taste of Japan in a fresh and healthy way! Umani Rice Bowls is located on Lorain Road, in Fairview Park!

Magdalen’s Gallery and Espresso

A new coffee shop takes over the heart of Lorain! Magdalen’s Gallery and Espresso is serving a perfectly crafted menu that will keep you wanting more!

Northstar Café

From live jazz to artisan-produced foods – Shaker Heights welcomes NorthStar Café!

Rad Air

Familiarizing yourself with the warning lights that appear on your car dashboard. Rad Air will make it easy for you to become familiar with these indicators!

Sweet Pea’s Sourdough

Fresh Bread and sweets that are as delicious as they are beautiful! Don’t miss Sweet Pea’s Sourdough at the next Flea Market near you!