Akron Pickle Fest
Simply dill-lightful! The Akron Pickle Fest is Sunday from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Cascade Plaza!

Artist At Heart Paint Party
Beach glass art! Learn more about Artist At Heart Paint Party here.

Bow Wow “Bark”-cuterie
Charcuterie for dogs! For more information about Bow Wow “Bark”-cuterie, click here.

Chewlinka Gear
Bringing awareness to animal rescue! Shop for items from Chewlinka Gear online.

Coppia Restaurant
Multi-course dining experience! Coppia Restaurant is located on Mayfield Road in Chesterland.

Fiber & Grain
Small-batch home decor! For more information about Fiber & Grain, click here.

Glizzy’s Hot Dog Cart
Not your average hot dog! Glizzy’s Hot Dog Cart can be found on West 130th Street in Cleveland.

Hobe’s Wooden Bowls and Spoons
Quality kitchenware! Follow Hobe’s Wooden Bowls and Spoons on their Facebook page.

Build-your-own baked potatoes! Potelah is located on West 130th Street in Parma Heights.

Rad Air
Back-to-school car care! For more information about Rad Air, click here.

RUST Modern Home
Curated finds! RUST Modern Home is located on Wye Road in Bath Township.

Whiskers & Wine Cat Lounge
Curl up with cats! Whiskers & Wine Cat Lounge is located on Kenmore Boulevard in Akron.