October 6, 2015

New Day Cleveland


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Phuel Cafe

If you need to warm up from the inside-out this fall, this recipe is for you! Andrew Newman from Phuel Cafe joined Natalie in the kitchen for a lesson with Chai.


One Tank Trip

Neil Zurcher joined us in studio with the perfect way to take a “bite” out of fall! We headed to Hillcrest Orchards for today’s One Tank Trip.


Sanity Style Party

Turn your family room into a boutique! Here to teach you how to throw a style party at home was Isabel Pritchett, Owner of Sanity in Chagrin Falls.




Dr. Marc: Buy/Sell Dates

When does food go bad? Dr. Marc explains the difference between expiration, sell by, and use by dates!

Money Moves to Make Before 2016

When it comes to your finances, there are several things you should be doing before the end of the year. Tony Zabiegala from Strategic Wealth Partners joined us with more information.

Here are some of Tony’s tips:

  • Save more money into 401k and IRAs every year: Traditional plans will help high income earners now; Roth plans will help those who think that taxes are going to sky rocket in the future.
  • Review 2015 financial goals and set new goals for 2016: Always reevaluate your investment goals and risk tolerance. Sitting down with your financial advisor to figure out how your investments are set up and if they will help you reach your goals for the future.
  • Rebalancing your portfolio: We run diagnostic reports (Morning Star Reports) to make sure the investments are still optimal, make sure that the allocations are still in line with risk tolerances, and reevaluate your risk tolerance because as people get older they want to start preserving rather than accumulating wealth.



Maybe you’ve heard of it or even seen it listed on a menu. Today, we learned all about Kimchi thanks to Michelle Huffman from Fermentation Girl.

They can be found at local farmers markets, namely Kent Haymakers and Countryside Conservancy. You can also find them at the Cedar Center Whole Foods now as well!


Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Tomorrow kicks off the 6th Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival! Here with a sneak peek of a few of this year’s films was Mary Ann Quinn Ponce.

The Film Festival is happening October 7-11th at various venues around Chagrin Falls. For more information, visit:


Factory of Terror

Looking for a scare this weekend? We took you inside the Factory of Terror with Owner and Operator, John Eslich. They hold the World Record for largest haunted house!


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