November 29, 2012

New Day Cleveland


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We all got our Thursday morning laughs when Comedian and Actor, Paul Rodriguez, stopped by our studio! Paul is at Hilarities tonight through Saturday, December 1st!



Unexpected Holiday Dish

Spice up your regular Holiday side dishes! Catherine St. John from the Western Reserve School of Cooking joined David in the kitchen for a potato torte and lime-spiked sweet potatoes!

Check out her recipes here!



Frankenmuth Preview

We visited the River Place Shops in this preview of our upcoming road show! Watch the full road trip to Frankenmuth Monday, December 3rd!


7 Things to Consider When Giving a Pet as a Present

Tammi Legere from the Strongsville Petco encourages parents to make smart gift-giving decisions! We all love the idea of giving a home to a new family pet, but there are some things you should consider first:

1) First, go over a child’s wish list together to see if they will appreciate and care for a new pet.  Of course, a child is likely to promise to do everything involving the pet, so it’s important to remember that the younger the child is, the more the responsibility will fall on the parents. 

2) Take the child to a Petco’s National Adoption Weekend event, taking place at all Petco’s on December 1-2, 2012, or animal shelter to confirm what breed or type of pet he or she wants. Some gentle steering will be able to sway him or her to the best option for the family.

3)  Thoroughly research the animal’s care, maintenance, grooming and training requirements. Prepare a list of staples the pet will need and put them on a wish list.

4)  Once you’ve decided to add a new pet to the family, identify a good veterinarian in the local community.

5)  If adding a puppy to the family, be sure to check out local dog training classes and/or free workshops in the neighborhood. This will help make certain the family puppy is set up for success.

6)  Then it’s time to get the house ready for the new family member. Try to prepare as much as possible prior to bringing the new pet home. Amphibians, reptiles or fish need aquariums, filters, heaters, plants and other accessories – many of these need time to settle before they will sustain a new pet. A new bird or rodent will require a cage, bedding or cage liner, dishes and toys. A larger animal, such as a puppy or kitten, will also need a bed and a carrier or crate.

7)  When it’s time for the big unveil, it can be enticing to tie a red bow around a new puppy’s neck or the hamster’s cage and leave them amid the other packages. However, this guarantees stressing out the newest family member before he or she is even discovered by the family. It’s better to wrap the cage and accessories with a photo of the animal for presentation on the actual holiday, which also helps to prevent a new pet from being mistakenly identified as a toy. The best option to introduce a new pet into the home is to wait until after the holiday season is over and things have settled down.

For more information on how to prepare for a new pet, visit



Viewer Christmas Traditions

We asked our Facebook fans to share some of their favorite Christmas traditions and memories and they gave some great responses! Thank you for sharing!



Cleveland Christmas Memories Book

Traveling downtown on the Rapid, lunch at the Silver Grille, visits to Santa and Mr. Jingling, or the Christmas parade…perhaps you have many of these Christmas memories also! Gail Bellamy, author of “Cleveland Christmas Memories,” joined Jimmy and David to talk about the stories in her new book.

For a complete list of book signings, visit



The Rusty Nail Cooking

Executive Chef of The Rusty Nail, John Olihan, brought us one of his best Holiday dishes! Kristi helped (sort of) him prepare spice crusted pork tenderloin and mashed sweet potatoes. The whole staff loved it!

Check out his recipe here!



Moss at the Movies

You have a movie date with the Mossman! He took us behind the scenes of “Hitchcock” and “Anna Karenina.” – Now Playing – Now Playing


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