May 23, 2013

New Day Cleveland


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Cooking with Tea

Did you know that you can also cook with tea? Here to share one of her healthy recipes was Sarah Hurt from T by Sarah. She mixed us up a Green Tea Pasta Salad – the pasta was cooked in green tea!

According to Sarah, boiling pasta in green tea can actually make your it healthier! The noodles soak up the antioxidants from the tea and the green tea adds a subtle earthy flavor to the pasta. Dried tea leaves can also add crunch and flavor to rubs on fish, meat or poultry. Brewed tea can be used as a braising liquid or as a seasoning for dressings or marinades. Tea is also a great addition to summer desserts, syrups, ice creams and sorbets.

Check out her recipe here!



Make plans to spend at least one night of the long Holiday weekend at Hilarities! That’s where you’ll find Comedian, Colin Kane. Not for the easily offended – it wasn’t hard for Colin to get Natalie to blush!

Colin will be at Hilarities tonight through Sunday!



If you’re schedule is already filling up this summer and you haven’t made it out to the gym, we’ve got the best stretches you can do anytime, any place! Judi Bar from The Cleveland Clinic demonstrated them:

  • This pose can be done if you are seated in one place for a long period of time (car, bus, airplane) = Seated Cat Curl
  • Here is a pose to do before you garden = Easy Back Bend
  • This is a great pose to do before you run, golf, or tennis = Hamstring stretch on a ledge
  • Lots to do?  Try this pose to focus = Tree Pose
  • Want to cool down try this breath = Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth as if you are blowing out of a straw.


Graf Growers

As you’re shopping for flowers this Spring, you may notice Impatiens are hard to find this year. We stopped at Graf Growers to get the scoop.


Moss at the Movies

David sat down with the stars of “Now You See Me!” The film is in theaters May 31, 2013

Check it out:


Pigtails BBQ Company

Kassi Russell from Pigtails joined us with their award-winning ribs and pulled pork! You can see Kassi and everyone from Pigtails at this weekend’s Great American Rib Cook-Off! The event is happening on the West Bank of the Flats, Friday May 24 through Monday, May 27th!


Getting Organized

Here’s a weekend project for you – get organized! What to keep? What to toss? Patty Clair from Keep It Simple was here to help!


Stand Up For Downs

It’s an evening full of laughter for a great cause! We welcomed Rob Snow and his wife to talk about their organization, “Stand Up For Downs.” The organization raises money for the Down Syndrome community through comedy shows.

The next show will be Saturday, June 15th at The Tangier in Akron. There are 7 pm and 9:30 pm shows. Fox 8’s Mike Polk will be counted among the comedians there that night!

To learn more visit,

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