June 26, 2012

New Day Cleveland


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Greek Cooking

We went Greek today! Tommy Karakostas from The Greek Village Grille started our morning off right by making a tasty Greek Orzo Pasta Salad and a Greek Melon Salad for dessert.

Check out the recipes here!


Summit Motorsports Park

If you’re in the mood for fast-paced fun this summer, head to Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio! Bill Bader Jr. joined Kristi and LeeAnn to talk about the 6th Annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, July 5-8. A mesmerizing fireworks show and thrilling drag races are just a few of the amazing elements that await race fans of all ages!

Buy tickets in advance by calling Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park at 419-668-5555 or by accessing the Website at www.summitmotorsportspark.com



It’s delicous! It’s homemade! It’s Italian! So of course we sent David to check out DiStefano’s near the corner of Highland and Bishop roads in Highland Heights. They are cooking up Italian classics such as meatballs, focaccia pizza, and cannoli’s with secret family ingredients. Stop by DiStefano’s for lunch!



Vacation Savings

With all these great places we tell our viewers to visit, we thought you might need some vacation savings tips! The coupon queen, Rachel Krych, was back in studio. This time, she brought up some easy tricks to saving some major green:

  • Drive, Don’t Fly:  Research the cost of flights compared to the cost of van rental, etc for the week.  If you have small children, make the drive easier by driving through the night, bringing free DVDs from the library, and pulling out new toys that were bought on clearance throughout the year.
  • Giant Eagle Gift Cards: Giant Eagle offers fuel perks on gift cards purchased at their store.  Need a new swimsuit?  New flip flops?  Do you know the restaurants you’ll eat at while on vacation?  Grab some gift cards to use before and while on vacation and start earning those fuel perks!
  • Entertainment Books:   Did you know that you can order an Entertainment Book from other areas of the country?  You can go to entertainment.com and find books from all the hottest vacation areas. If you know that eating out and area activities will be in your plans while on vacation, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on that site.  Currently books are selling for about $23.00.  To get the most bang for your buck, wait for a sale.  Books drop as low as $5 in the summer!
  • Bring the souvenirs:  Buying Disney souvenirs while in the park would bust your budget.  So our plan is to bring along the gifts.  A few little trinkets from Walmart to surprise the kids throughout the trip will go over great.
  • Don’t forget the coupons:    If you have time before you leave, look up the stores ad and bring your coupons along!




Who Knew? Herbal Vinegar

Another great way to save money and stay environmentally conscious is to make your own cleaning solution! Kathleen Gips, Owner of Village Herb Shop, showed us a simple way to make herbal vinegar.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

With more time being spent outdoors, some of you may notice little scars that seem to become more noticeable as you tan. Well good news, we visited RN Mary Pat Gallagher at Associates in Dermatology to find out three ways to treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



Yogurt: Top Healthy Food

We’ve all heard about the benefits of greek yogurt, so here today was Dr. Saridakis from Parma Community General Hospital to show us how to make our own at home! It’s simple, cost effective, and fun!

Check out the recipe here!

Need some more reasons to go Greek with your yogurt?

1. High protein food: Double the protein(10-20grams per serving).
2. Lower sugar: 1/2 the sugar. Diabetics
3. Good source of calcium and vitamin D(15-20% of daily requirement)
4. Live Bacteria/Probiotics: help the digestive and immune system
5. Good source of dairy, especially for those “Lactose Sensitive”
6. Good general source of Vitamins & Minerals: B, potassium, iodine, zinc
7. Post workout recovery: good ratio of protein to carbohydrate(Better than Gatorade!)
8. Flat Abs! 18 ounces daily with calorie restriction(Calcium decreases cortisol, amino
acids help burn fat
9. Lower Blood Pressure: high potassium, low sodium
10.Immune and Allergy Booster: more active T cells
11.Healthy Teeth, Healthy Smile: despite the sugar, the lactic acid protect
12.Does not Curdle at high temps: great for cooking!…vs sour cream, mayo,ice cream
13.Homemade Greek Yogurt: all natural, no preservatives or fillers!



A Woman’s Place

We go inside the place that brings confidence to women struggling with life-threatening diseases. “A Woman’s Place” is a private room located within select Discount Drug Mart stores staffed with professionally trained personnel catering to women of special needs. Fitting woman for wigs/hairpieces, mastectomy and lymphedema wear. They are also in network with most insurance companies and will verify insurance coverage and handle insurance billing needs for their customers.


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