July 11, 2012

New Day Cleveland


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Comedian: Frank Caliendo

What a crazy start to our morning! Frank Caliendo was in studio busting out some of his famous impressions. If you are looking for a good time this weekend, check out Frank at Hilarities this Sunday, July 15th!




 Hollywood and Dine

To help us get over the mid-week hump, David whipped up some seafood inspired by the newest Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. David flew to L.A. to get the inside scoop on the film straight from it’s stars and couldn’t help asking Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman some foodie questions!

To make your own Seafood Ceviche and Friend Oysters, check out the recipe here!



Pedicure Dangers

It’s summer and everyone is wearing sandals, but to complete a summertime look, millions of women head to the salon for a pedicure. But, before you head to the salon for your next pedicure, you may want to know the hidden dangers that can be lurking at the salon. Here to help us steer clear of trouble was Dr. Sara Creasy from The Cleveland Clinic.

 Dr. Sara’s tips?

1) Don’t let your nail technician use a razor on calluses: If any type of cut happens, it is prone to infection through their water and tools.

2) The best way to have nails cut to prevent ingrown toenails is straight across.

3) Beware of the footbath! Whirlpool footbaths often just recycle the water. Make sure your salon drains each bath, cleans, and refills with fresh water for each customer. If they already have a footbath filled for you, ask for a fresh one!

4) It’s always a good idea to bring your own tools to the salon to ensure they are sanitary.





Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia!is the ultimate feel-good show that has audiences coming back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it’s your turn to have the time of your life at this smash hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits with an enchanting tale of love, laughter, and friendship. Check out the musical at Playhouse Square, July 13-22, at the Palace Theatre.

Tickets start at just $10!

Call 216-241-6000 or visit www.PlayhouseSquare.org.



Sweet Corn Salsa

It’s not even the middle of July and already sweet corn is in season in Ohio. Here today to share one of her favorite recipes was Lisa Graf from Graf Growers in Akron. She met up with David in the kitchen to show us a super quick recipe for delicious Sweet Corn Salsa.



Audrey’s Sweet Threads
It’s all about accessories today! If you have a special event or simply a get-together with friends, pump up your outfit by adding the right accessories! Kristi takes us over to Audrey’s Sweet Threads (Audrey is her personal stylist), to check out some easy looks created with scarves, jewelery, and jackets. Need some inspiration for your own outfits? Watch the video clip from today’s show!
Audrey’s Sweet Threads is easy to find off I-271 inside Eton on Chagrin Boulevard.




Midsummer Garden Care
The heat and all this dry weather has taken a toll on our lawns and gardens. Here to help us pump some life back into our yards was Arthur Richwine, General Manager of Bremec on the Heights.
One of Arthur’s tips? It’s Japanese Beetle season! Pick up either organic or non-organic repellent to protect your gardens!

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