January 4, 2017

New Day Cleveland


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Whole Foods: Simple Diet Changes

If eating healthy is your New Year’s resolution, you’re in luck! We welcomed Whole Foods Prepared Food Team Leader, Josh Chung, to the kitchen. He shared several easy swaps to jump-start your new diet. Natalie’s favorite? The Avocado Bread!


Cuyahoga Collective

Now that the holidays are over, it might be a good time to shop for yourself! We know just the place. It’s called Cuyahoga Collective.

You can find Cuyahoga Collective on Madison Avenue in Lakewood. They are open Wednesday through Friday from noon until 8pm.


Fashionable While Freezing

The arctic air has officially moved back into Cleveland! Alicia Costello, Stylist at Banyan Tree, joined us in studio to show us you can still be fashionable while staying bundled up!


Stillwater Place

Do you know someone who got engaged over the holidays? They can say “I do” at the zoo! We checked out Cleveland Metropark’s Zoo’s Stillwater Place. You can learn more about them on their website or by visiting their booth at the Today’s Bride Bridal Show at the I-X Center January 14th and 15th.


Winter Skin Rehab

Put your best face forward in the new year with the help of our friends at MC Hair & Studio MC.


5 Ways to Be Healthier and Happier in 2017

Now that the shopping, baking, and parties are done, some of us might be trying to figure out how to handle the post-holiday hangover. We welcomed Dr. Susan Albers, Psychiatrist from the Cleveland Clinic, to give us a few helpful tips:

    1. Adopt a New Mindset for 2017:  A recent study found that optimistic women live longer.  Surround yourself with positive messages, quotes and people, limit your time with people who drag you down or unfollow on social media.
    2. Stop dieting and start eating mindfully: Stop counting calories.  Just be more aware.  Make conscious choices when you eat.  Slow down.  Savor your food.  This can reduce your intake by 300 calories a day without the struggle.
    3.  If the word exercise makes you cringe, this year think “Mindful Movement”  Some simple doorway stretches (put your hands on the doorway, lean in against your weight, standing on the hour, yoga, sign up for a 5 K with a friend).  Anything that moves your body, will benefit your health and mood.
    4. De-stress.  Stress is the number one sabotager of your health.  It leads to heart disease, obesity, depression, GI problems etc.

Detox and declutter.

       An environment that is out of control makes you feel out of control. Start with your kitchen this is where we spend the most time.



Canary Travel

Many people are done with the Northeast Ohio winter after the holidays. If you’re one of them, it’s time to take a trip somewhere warm! Angie McClure from Canary Travel brought us the Deal of the Week:

Southwest Vacations over 100 destinations

  • Save $50 on packages up to $1,249.
  • Save $100 on packages totaling $1,250 – $2,499.
  • Save $200 on packages totaling $2,500 or more.

Book: 1/3/17 – 1/23/17 by 6:00 p.m. CT
Travel: 1/4/17 – 6/2/17


Dr. Marc: Healthy New Year Meals

Time to put that Christmas cookie down and pick up some healthy meals to start the New Year! Dr. Marc was here to help.

Red, Wine & Brew

David took you to a one-stop-shop for great food, wine, and beer! We checked out Red, Wine & Brew. They have two locations – one in Chesterland and one in Mentor.


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