January 30, 2013

New Day Cleveland


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Hollywood and Dine

With the whole New Day Crew complaining about the next temperature drop, David decided to show us an easy soup recipe! Inspired by an interview with Ted Danson, this is one of the easiest Vegetable Soup recipes!

Check it out here!


Transition Your Shoe Wardrobe

We worked on your clothes on yesterday’s show, now it’s time to start thinking about Spring shoes! Amy Bradford from Amy’s Shoes knows this is a tough time of year on shoes…salt, slush, etc. She brought in some styles that can help you survive the rest of the winter and still look ahead to Spring!



Foods to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you given up your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Hang in there! Amanda Groth from Lifetime Fitness in Beachwood brought some great products to keep you full, satisfied, and full of energy!

Amanda’s Tips?

You want to look for foods that help you maintain stable blood sugar levels to help keep your energy up throughout your workout. Most gym-goers seeking weight loss won’t need to “carb-load” but should focus on eating high-quality foods throughout the day.

Foods for:

  • Morning workouts – frozen fruit shake with nut butter or almond butter, water, and protein powder (Whey Protein or VeganMax)
  • Afternoon workouts – meal replacement shake or a simple handful of nuts. If you’re working out in the afternoon you’ll want to make sure you’re not eating anything heavy
  • Energy-saving tip: Superstarch – Generation UCAN, can help you build your stamina.  It keeps blood sugar more stable than any other fueling combination out there and helps stave off cravings for sweets later.



Thyme 2 Cooking

It’s not too early to be thinking about a delicious Valentine’s Day meal. Here with the perfect solution was John Kolar, Owner of Thyme 2 in Medina! He showed us an easy way to dress up a filet by making individual beef wellingtons!



Winter Revitalization

The bitter cold can really take a toll on your skin. Here to help bring back your glow was Ida Friedman-Kasdan from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve! Check out our video clip!



Teeth Whitening

We help brighten up your skin…but what about your teeth? Head to our friends at Hudec Dental! They’ve got easy in-office and at-home ways to whiten your smile.


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