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The Charmed Kitchen

She’s vowed to avoid the grocery store for as long as possible this year and still cook meals at home! Judi Strauss from The Charmed Kitchen to show David how to pull this off – take a look at our video clip!

Click here for her Tomato Bisque Soup, Granola, and Biscotti Recipes!


Today’s Bride

Lots of couples get engaged over the Holidays. So we are talking weddings! Bells are ringing at the I-X Center for the Today’s Bride Bridal Show.

Today’s Bride Bridal Show is Saturday and Sunday, January 18th and 19th, at the I-X Center in Cleveland. You can purchase your tickets online!


Berry’s Restaurant

David found a spot in Norwalk that’s worth the drive from anywhere! He took you inside Berry’s located in the heart of downtown Norwalk.


Great Wines Under $20

A good bottle of wine does not have to come with a hefty price tag! We welcomed Olivier Kielwasser, Director of Beer and Wine at Giant Eagle, who showed us his top picks.

  • Gasparetto Prosecco Superiore $12.99
  • Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc $12.99
  • Franciscan Napa Valley Chardonnay $12.99
  • Vietti Moscato d’Asti  $14.99
  • Belle Glos Meiomi Pinot Noir $19.99
  • Italo Chianti Riserva $15.99
  • Sebastiani Sonoma Cabernet $14.99
  • Antigal Uno Malbec $18.99


Dots Slimming Styles

Dress down those pounds! We know you’re working hard at your New Year’s resolutions, but until you reach your goal, the experts at Dots can help you look great! Our Rachel Stephens went inside to grab the best tips to slim down your waist, thighs, or whole image.

  • Pick your trends thoughtfully. Every trend is not made for every body shape. Pick the one that complements your curves and accentuates your positives.
  • Wear your brightest and boldest pieces on an area where you are comfortable with people looking; it takes the attention away from so-called “problem areas.”
  • Baggy, shapeless clothes won’t make you look slimmer. Body-conscious clothes that accentuate curves, without being clingy or tight, are most flattering.
  • Make sure you’re wearing the right undergarments. A proper fitting bra will enhance shape and make you look slimmer overall.
  • Stand tall, chin up and shoulders back. Not only will you appear elongated, but also more confident and that makes any woman look and feel her best.


Last Call Cleveland

David and Natalie welcomed the very funny Mike Polk, Comedian and Internet Sensation! Check out one of Mike’s performances for Last Call Cleveland!


Add Zen to Your Home

Are you bored from being trapped indoors lately? Well, now is a great time to think relaxation and zen in your home! DesAnn Collins is an Interior Decorator and was here to help bring zen into your life! Check out some of her tips:

  • Think Nature
    • Use Earthy paint tones such as Sherwin Williams Rain.
    • Avoid highly saturated hues and contrast.
    • Use Natural fabrics like Cotton, Cashmere, Wool and Mohair. For added texture  use Sisal, Burlap or Jute to the lampshade, floor or windows.
    • Avoid the Shiny Bling like Polished Cotton or Sequins
  • Lighting
    • Natural, even, light is best.
    • Use bulbs labeled with “warm”. Many LED bulbs are “cool” looking.
    • Avoid overhead Task Lighting.
    •  Use lamps with low wattage bulbs and change out any stark white lampshades for Natural fiber ones instead.
  • Less is MORE
    • Clear out all the clutter, including all toys, magazines, mail, paperback books and most of all ELECTRONICS! YES, that includes your cell phone.
    • Use one large urn or vase instead of several small accessories.
    • Avoid accessories under 24” tall.
    • If the space needs to pull double-duty “chores” then use containers to contain the chaos. Upholstered cubes, older TV Armoires and hinged benches work well.
  • Sense of smell & sound
    • The idea is to create your personal ZEN smell and avoid known offensive smells like cooked cabbage. My ZEN smell is Roses.
    • Avoid using smells that excite you or make you think of health issues like Bacon!
    • Add soothing sound with music like a calm babbling brook or the Peruvian Indian Flutes.
    • Avoid your beloved Hard-Rock band you like to dance to.
    • Add soothing sound with a Wall fountain.


Dr. Marc: Kids Overeating

The number of obese children in the U.S. has quadrupled in the last four decades. Serving sizes are part of the problem. Dr. Marc shows us proper portion sizes and other tips to keeping your kids healthy.

If you have health questions, tweet them to @askdrmarc and he’ll do his best to get you some answers!