February 14, 2013

New Day Cleveland


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Blue Man Group

They’ve wowed audiences around the globe and now they are spending the weekend right here in Cleveland! We welcomed Wes Day and James Marlowe from the Blue Man Group! To hear the full story of a behind-the-scenes look, check out our video clip!



Coffee Date at Home

Why not warm things up tonight with a coffee date at home? Paul Sykes from Cravings Cafe was here with a simple and delicious raspberry latte! Watch our video to learn how to create your own.

Find them at 19701 Lake Rd., Rocky River, OH, 44116 or call (440) 895-0098.


Sweet Designs

From coffee to chocolate! There is a local company that is making woman’s dreams come true – they make chocolate high heels! We checked out Sweet Designs in Lakewood.

www.sweetdesigns.com or call 216-226-4888.




Pickwick and Frolic has the perfect Valentine’s Day night for you! Monique Marvez will be at Hilarities tonight through Sunday! With her “take-no-prisoners honesty” and high energy, this is definitely a show you want to catch!



5 Necessities to Get Organized

It’s time to take charge and get organized this winter! According to Patty Clair from Keep it Simple, you only need 5 things!

  1. Everyone needs a planner calendar, wall dry erase board, Google calendar, smart phone, etc
  2. Sharpies, Highlighter, Post-its – if you have to get it done – highlight it (different color for different family members). Sharpies can label things in freezer, kids items, files (bold and you can see them) Post its – transfer well, good to make lists and take with you.
  3. Designate a Drop Zone in your home – one place where you always find X, Y, Z (keys, mail, purse – items you need as you’re racing out the door). – Patty has two drop zones – one for husband, one for her
  4. Simple File System – where you can manage what comes into your home (what you need to do this week, next week, this month)
  5. Shredder – she can’t live without one!




Love Your Heart

All February is Heart Month! Dr. Christine Zirafi from Parma Community Hospital was here to tell us how to love our hearts!

  • We need to make sure that women know that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women.
  • Women need to know their risk.  Highlight the risk factors and “know your numbers.”
  • Heart disease is not just an “older person’s disease.”
  • Smoking and Birth Control Pills increase risk by 20%.
  • Hispanic women develop heart disease a decade earlier. 47% of African-American women over the age of 20 have cardiovascular disease.



  • Maintain an active lifestyle there is no “exercise bank.”
  • Learn cooking with healthy alternatives: avocado in place of cheese or mayonnaise, greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, egg whites 2:1 for eggs when baking, ground turkey, etc.


Learn more at www.parmahospital.org


Moss at the Movies

David sat down with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the rest of the stars of the new thriller, “Snitch.”



Taverne of Richfield

Can we interest you in a deal on dinner? Here with details was Serena Raybould from The Taverne of Richfield. Make sure to check out their Oysterfest happening March 27-30, 2013!


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