Pork chops sous vide with caramelized apples and onions

Bone in pork chops (recipe will be enough for 4)

Seasoning of choice

A sprinkle of dry thyme for each chop

Salt and pepper to taste

4 tbs butter for last step in hot skillet

Set sous vide to 140 -145 degrees (medium to medium plus).

Season each chop and bag seperately.

Remove air from bag and seal.

Place bag in water bath (sous vide) and set time for 2 ½ to 3 hours. (doneness will be the same)

*start preparing apple mixture 15-30 minutes before chops are finished.

Prepare carmelized apples and onions

2 apples sliced into thin wedges, core removed. Add to bowl.

1 medium onion, sliced the same as apple. Add to bowl with apples.

3 tbs brown sugar

2 tbs butter

¼- ½ tsp cinnamon

1 tbs olive oil

3 tbs honey

Add brown sugar and cinnamon to apples and onions and toss.

Add olive oil and 1 tbs butter to a hot saute pan over medium high heat. When adding apples and onions to pan, save juices in bowl and set aside.cook 3 to 5 minutes per side. The apple-onion mixture should get soft and just start to brown. Remove from heat and add honey with remaining butter and juices from apple bowl. Gently toss. Keep warm.

**remove chops from sous vide bags and pat dry.

Heat heavy saute pan over very high heat. Turn on exhaust fan or open window.

If you can fit 2 chops in pan, drop 2 pieces of butter (about a tbs) ,one per chop, in pan and immedately place chop on melting butter. Cook 1 ½ minutes and turn over. Cook another 1 ½ minutes. Repeat with remaining chops.

Serve with caramelized apple & onion mixture.