Grilled Cherry-Cheese Sandwich

This is a fun, seasonal grilled cheese sandwich that will surprise your taste buds. Delicious!

Ingredients per sandwich:

2 slices of your favorite bread, 1/2-3/4 inch thick

6 fresh cherries, pitted and cut into ½’s or ¼’s

2 or 3 tbs camembert cheese

1 tbs butter (room temp)

Preheat skillet or frypan over medium high heat.

Pit cherries, chop in half, and set aside

Spread cheese on 1 piece of bread

Spread cherries over cheese

Top cheese and cherries with 2nd piece of bread

Spread butter on top of both pieces of bread

Add sandwich to hot pan. After about 30 seconds, press sandwich with a spatula to make good contact with hot surface. Continue cooking til bottom slice is golden or the color you prefer. This could be a couple minutes or more. Flip sandwich and repeat. Remove from pan when it looks the way you like. Allow to sit a minute, cut into halves or quarters, and serve.

If you like, get creative and add cooked bacon or a slice of very thin sliced ham.

Have fun!