Cajun Style Shrimp

1 lb. 10-15 count unpeeled shrimp (head on shrimp,add ¼ lb)
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 tbs fresh coarsely ground blck pepper
2 tsp creole seasoning
2 tsp minced garlic
1 lemon cut into 4 wedges
¼ c. Water
1/4lb unsalted butter cut into 8 pieces

Preheat saute or frypan over medium heat. Add 2 tbs water, shrimp.  Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, creole seasoning, and garlic.

Turn heat up to high, lightly toss ingredients to mix and cook about 2 minutes. Squeeze lemon quarters over shrimp, drop in the lemons, turn the shrimp and cook another 2 minutes. Shrimp should be turning pink. Reduce heat to medium, add the rest of the water and start stirring in the pieces of butter one at a time.  A sauce should start to form.  When all is combined (don’t over cook or butter sauce will break and shrimp could overcook) serve with fresh bread for dipping or over rice or grits.