August 28, 2013

New Day Cleveland


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Hollywood and Dine

David’s got the perfect recipe for all your leftover garden veggies! Check out our video clip to see how easy this summer soup is.

Click here for his Gazpacho recipe.



Heading out of town for the long weekend? You may want to head to Dots first! District Manager of Dots, Katy Fries, was here to show us how to use versatile looks to last all weekend. Take a look at our video clip for some fashion inspiration!

Here are some of Katy’s tips:

Think functional fashion

  • Pick one color story and stay with it such as black + white with pops of color to streamline your packing
  • Try to get a feel for what you’ll be doing so you don’t overpack (or underpack)
  • Think to yourself: Am I really going to wear this? Do I really need this?


Versatility is Key

  • Make sure all of your accessories can be used for both day and night outfits
  • Opt for dark denim; you only need one pair and you can wear it with multiple tops; dark readily goes from day to night
  • Denim jackets and blazers are great pieces that can change the look of an entire outfit
  • Choose your shoes wisely; while you may need 1 or 2 pairs of heels, you can make your gladiators work harder by using them for both casual and dressy occasions


Size Matters

  • Select items that can fold easily without getting wrinkled such as knit tops
  • Harem pants not only go day to night, but are space-savers
  • Summer dresses are a breeze to pack as they are lightweight and can be rolled up
  • If bringing a nighttime clutch and a daytime handbag, pack your jewelry in the clutch to save packing space.


Sarah’s Vineyard

Did you know there’s a winery right near blossom music center? It features wines-on-tap and beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces to enjoy them. David took us to Sarah’s Vineyard – check out our video clip.

Sarah’s Vineyard is on Steels Corners Road in Cuyahoga Falls. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Asheville Preview: Grove Arcade

We can’t stop talking about our recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina! Today, we showed you one of our favorite discoveries while down South – one of the first malls in America! Join us this Friday for an hour long road trip to Asheville!


Tomatoes: Saving Seeds

This year’s garden can help you get a jump start on next year! Fran Blank from Don Mould’s Plantation showed us an easy way to preserve this years seeds to re-plant for next season.

Its easy: Slice tomato, squeeze out seeds and gel into small jar. Add water and twirl jar. Cover with Saran and label with variety name. Allow mold to grow. Carefully drain water and add more water and swirl again, continue this until the water is clear and the viable seed is on the bottom of the jar. Drain through a small strainer and dry seed on a small plate. When dry, store in a paper envelope in refrigerator with desiccant. LABEL! Remember to only use open-pollinated tomatoes!


Ichiban: Styling Tools

Some mornings you’re hair just doesn’t cooperate. Ichiban Salon and Day Spa gave us a demonstration on using latest styling tools to make your life easier.



Looking for last minute summer getaway? You may want to turn to AAA! Some of the AAA End of the Summer Cruise Deals:

  • Celebrity Cruise lines is offering a “Book and Go” vacation package.  A 4 or 5 night Caribbean Cruise starting at $679.00 per person which includes a $200.00 reduction for booking with their Choice Air program. Your cruise fare includes your accommodations, on board activities and entertainment, most meals, plus transportation to and from the port. There is limited availability and this offer expires on August 31, 2013.
  • Oceania Cruises is offering a 2 for 1 cruise fare on their Panama Canal and Caribbean sailing. This is a saving of up to $3,000 per stateroom.  In addition they are offering free airfare from their 90 gateway cities. Free unlimited internet package, Free prepaid gratuities, and a $500.00 shipboard credit on these selected sailings.


Mike Polk: Ice Bar in Vegas

We aren’t the only ones taking our show on the road. The Rizzo Show recently flew out to Las Vegas! Leave it to resident Comedian, Mike Polk to find one of the “coolest” places around! You can catch The Rizzo Show right here on Fox 8 every Sunday immediately following the 10 p.m. news!


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