April 22, 2014

New Day Cleveland


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Hollywood and Dine

David was in the kitchen today making Chicken Enchiladas! Take a look at our video clips!

Click here for his recipe.


Market District: Bakery

We went inside Market District’s Bakery and left with two great Croissant recipes!

Visit the contest page on www.fox8.com to check out Tim’s recipe! While you’re there, you can also enter to win a $50 Market District Gift Card!



One Tank Trip

It’s time to hit the road with Neil Zurcher! Today, Neil took us inside Punderson Manor – it’s only a 50 minute drive from Cleveland! Take a look at our video clip.



Charlotte Motor Speedway

Speaking of hitting the road, coming up this Friday (April 25, 2014), we take you to Charlotte, North Carolina for southern cooking, sunshine, and a whole lot more! Natalie gave you a sneak peek today with her visit to the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Look for the full hour-long trip to Charlotte, NC this Friday!


Trending Now: Smoky Eyes

You’ve heard it mentioned more than once: Smoky Eyes. It’s a hot make-up trend that you can easily do at home! Our Rachel Stephens took us inside Salon Rootz to discover the easy step-by-step process.

Salon Rootz is located on Medina Road in Medina.



Mr. Hero

We welcomed Mr. Hero Chef, Jim Cox, to our kitchen with Mr. Hero’s newest creations! He cooked up one of their new Premier Cheeseburgers, complete with an egg, Mr. Hero’s Zestyfries, and their Cheddar Chipotle sauce!



Dr. Marc

A lot of us don’t get the medical tests we need, usually because of time and money. Well today, Dr. Marc showed us how we can get important screenings all in one place, on the same day, and for free!


Magic Gives Back

We broke a Guiness World Record on today’s show!! Rick Smith Jr., Magician and Illusionist, joined us to talk about his upcoming fundraiser for Brady Middle School in Orange, OH. While in studio, he broke the World Record for Most Accurate Card Throwing! Watch our video clip – it’s amazing!



AAA Bike Safety

AAA keeps you safe on the road, whether your in a car or on a bicycle! Lori Cook, Safety Advisor for AAA, joined us with the must-haves for the upcoming seasons.


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