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MACEDONIA, Ohio- In a parking lot in Macedonia on a rainy day, Stephanie Hulett comforted a dog that almost lost its life.

“C’mon baby, c’mon,” she coaxed as she loaded the animal into a warm vehicle.

Hulett, of Garfield Heights, is the vice president and co-founder of an organization that gives hope to dogs on euthanasia lists in crowded shelters.

That’s why Fox 8 News Anchor Wilma Smith chose Hulett as her Hometown Hero.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we’re saving lives,” Hulett told Fox 8 News in an interview.

Canine Lifeline, as the organization is called, is made up of a chain of volunteers.

An initial pick-up is made at shelters in southern Ohio, Kentucky and even Tennessee.

A volunteer drives a few of the dogs for about an hour, then hands them off to another volunteer.

The process repeats until the dogs end up in a predetermined location where they will attend adoption events.

“It’s great to watch people get excited about meeting their new dog, and the dogs even seem to know, hey, this is my new mom and dad. So it’s a lot of fun,” Hulett said.

It all began two and a half years ago when Hulett, Barb Wible and Lynn Jewell were donating their time at a shelter.

“We just felt like we could be doing more for these dogs than just volunteering,” Hulett explained.

The three co-founded Canine Lifeline, and can say they’ve saved more than 700 dogs to date.

“These dogs have terrific personalities, they just need a chance, and that’s what we’re here to do,” explained Wible, the president of Canine Lifeline.

“It’s the best feeling in the world, I can’t even explain it,” added Jewell, the organization’s treasurer and secretary.

Canine Lifeline is always looking for safe, loving homes for the dogs.

To consider an adoption or to learn more about the organization, click here: