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YOUNGSTOWN, Oh — A local family captured a Youngstown police officer’s generosity on camera and is now sharing the heart warming video online.

According to Brian Koeppen’s Facebook post, last week someone stole a package off their porch which contained a new toy for their son. He says police came out to investigate after that and on Wednesday, they received a surprise visit from the original responding officer, Joe Wess.

He says Officer Wess went out and bought a new toy for Koeppen’s son with his own money and personally delivered it to the family. He says the officer told him he couldn’t sleep knowing a thief made off with his son’s toy.

Koeppen went on to say, “This is one of the nicest things someone has done for us in recent history and we appreciate this more than you know Officer Wess! Thank you Thank you Thank you and your kind heart! I can’t wait to pay this kind gesture forward the first chance I get!”