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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – Police in North Ridgeville are warning people about some problems that have come up during this week’s snowstorm.

They want to remind people about a city ordinance against blowing snow into the street.

“No one likes it when the plows load up the end of your driveway, but there is no other option. You can’t get mad and blow it all back into the street,” North Ridgeville police wrote on their Facebook page.

They say in some neighborhoods, plow drivers would clear the street, and a short time later so many people blew the snow into the street that it looked like the road hadn’t been touched.

“You can be cited for it,” they wrote. “I’m guessing everyone has better things to spend a couple hundred bucks on.”

Police are also concerned about kids playing in the mounds along the street made from piled-up snow.

…we are going to end up with dead or seriously injured kids…

North Ridgeville police

North Ridgeville police say this is what plow drivers are telling them:

“They’re seeing kids inside holes that they’ve dug into the mound as the drivers go by with their blades down. If your child is in a hole at the bottom of that mound and a plow buries them or that mound collapses, we are going to end up with dead or seriously injured kids,” police wrote.

They are asking people to talk to their kids about the dangers of digging in the mounds and playing so close to the road.