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WEST ALEXANDRIA, Ohio-  The Ohio Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation after a 7-foot crocodile was spotted swimming in a creek Wednesday.

Members of the children’s Hilltop Equestrian Center had just finished a lesson on fish behaviors and went down to play in Bantas Creek.

According to the center’s Facebook post, the kids were splashing in the water when a member standing on a nearby bridge spotted a dark creature coming toward them.

“I was closest to the shady threat. I could see the bumps on its back above the surface, then under the water.
I knew it was more than a fish. It was big. I couldn’t believe my eyes. God kept me calm. I called to the kids to get out of the water and onto the bridge. Most of them had no idea what was going on but they all quickly obeyed.”

A Wildlife officer was called to the scene and captured the croc with help from the group. Due to the public safety threat, the crocodile was put down.

At this time, authorities don’t know where it came from.