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WILLOUGHBY, OHIO – A risqué Halloween display is creating division in a Willoughby neighborhood.

A homeowner located in front of Willoughby Middle School posed several skeletons in the front yard performing sex acts.

“It’s a serious thing, there’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood,” said a neighbor who asked to be identified as Phil. “It’s a very heavy neighborhood for families, so it’s something. You’ve got a school; you’ve got tons of churches around here. Obviously, it’s not something they want in their neighborhood.”

Willoughby Mayor Robert Fiala described the display as disappointing and unfortunate. The mayor said he called the homeowner about two weeks ago requesting the skeletons be repositioned given its proximity to the school. He said he did not receive a response from the homeowner.

The mayor added he respects citizens’ right to freedom of speech and explained he cannot order residents to take down images in their yards.

A school district spokesperson said she is not aware of any complaints about the Halloween display.

Willoughby Police said they did receive complaints however the situation is a bit of a grey area for law enforcement because the skeleton display is not criminal in nature.

The homeowner told FOX 8 he may leave the controversial display up beyond Halloween.