NORTH CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — Two World War II veterans are getting a chance to see the plane they flew in combat during the the B-26 Historical Society’s reunion. 

Stan Walsh and Jerry Raschke have lived in different corners of the United States for decades. But when they were both teenagers, they served in our country’s Air Force during World War II.

“As long as I was flying, I was happy,” shared Raschke.

“I was a bombardier navigator and my job was to aim and aim and hit the target with my bombs,” added Walsh.

The reason Walsh and Raschke traveled hundreds of miles to North Canton, is to get a glimpse at the plane they flew in combat: The B-26 Bomber.

WJW photo

The B-26 was one of the keys to an Allied victory in WWII.

Walsh and Raschke are just two of seven living American B-26 crew members left. 

“There is nobody left alive in my group, I am the last one that is alive. So yeah, we love to tell stories,” said Raschke. 

They’re just two men getting a chance to reflect on their past. In Walsh’s case, it’s remembering exactly why he never wanted to fly again after WWII.

“My basic memory of it is to stay out of it and never fly it again,” joked Walsh.

Both are American heroes, whose service should never be forgotten.