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CLEVELAND- Two men wrongfully convicted of the 1975 murder of a Cleveland salesman are suing the city and the officers who worked on the case.

Brothers Kawame Ajamu, 57, and Wiley Bridgeman, 60, were found guilty of aggravated murder for the death of Harold Franks, and sentenced to death. They were exonerated in November after Bridgeman spent 37 years in prison. Ajamu was released in 2003.

On Thursday, the men filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio against the city of Cleveland and several former Cleveland police officers.

The suit accuses detectives of threatening a 12-year-old boy, whose testimony was used to convict the brothers and their friend, Ricky Jackson. According to court documents, there was no physical evidence, like DNA or fingerprints, tying the men to the murder.

Fox 8 News reached out to the city of Cleveland, but media relations director Dan Williams said the city does not comment on pending litigation.

In March, Ohio Court of Claims awarded Jackson more than $1 million for his wrongful conviction.

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