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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Two Cleveland police officers just received honors and thanks for what they did to help a man who spends night after night helping to protect police officers on the highways.

“I believe that both officers acted way above and beyond their responsibilities….and I believe that if they were not there that day I would not have survived,” said Chris Haire.

Haire founded North Coast Emergency Services. The group serves as a volunteer safety patrol helping to block traffic and help police at the scenes of crashes and other emergencies.

But, Haire recently gave awards and special thanks to Sgt. Patty Katynski and Officer James Bellomy for helping him when he needed it most.

Haire said it happened as he was clearing an accident scene on I-90.

“I suffered a medical emergency that could have cost me my life,” he said.

He said he reached out to Katynski and let her know he was “in distress and needed immediate assistance.”

Haire told us that the sergeant, then, radioed for police cars and EMS to respond, and Bellomy was first to get there.

Haire ended up in the hospital recovering.

“It was awesome to see how the roles were reversed that day,” he said. “We are always there to help keep them safe on the highway, and that day these two officers were there to save my life on the highway.“

Just months ago, the Cleveland Police Foundation recognized North Coast Emergency Services as Community Partner of the Month. 

At that time, Cleveland Police First District Administrative Sgt. James Bezak stated: “The dedicated volunteers of North Coast Emergency Services work tirelessly assisting with traffic control and securing a safe zone for public safety personnel in the Cleveland area.”