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LINCOLN, Nebraska (WJW) — A Nebraska woman with two uteruses has given birth to one of the youngest babies ever to survive being born.

According to Bryan Health, Megan Phipps and her boyfriend, Dillon, learned they were pregnant with twins. She had two children previously, so they didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary before her due date in October.

But soon Megan was diagnosed with uterine didelphys, a rare condition in which she grew to uteruses. One baby was conceived in each uterus.

Bryan Health says Reece was born at 22.5 weeks gestation, at over three months premature. She weighed about one pound.

Sadly, her twin sister, Riley, was born the day before and passed away about 12 days later.

Bryan Health says Reece received almost a dozen blood transfusions and was on a ventilator for 45 days.

“Often, infants born so prematurely deal with serious medical issues involving the brain and lungs. However, Reese progressed slowly and had no major complications,” according to the hospital.

Reece was sent home on Nov. 2 at eight pounds, five ounces after 144 days in the NICU. For most of her time there, the hospital said there was an ornament of a baby in angel wings holding her sister’s ashes above her crib.

“Riley was caring for Reece from above during her time in the hospital,” the hospital said.

According to Bryan Health, Reece is the 26th baby worldwide in the Tiniest Babies Registry to be born before 23 weeks’ gestation and survive.