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FAIRLESS HILLS, Pennsylvania — What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Just ask Lisa Sadiwnyk.

The eastern-Pennsylvania native was on a getaway with her husband, Eric, when she took a couple of pregnancy tests in the bathroom of their hotel room.

According to WTXF in Philadelphia, both of the tests came back positive. But rather than tell her husband right away, she kept the news secret.

When they arrived at the airport for their return trip home, Lisa found the crew of their flight and put her plan in action.

Once on the plane, the pilot came over the PA system and told the passengers to get their cameras ready.

“We’ll have a little fun here,” the pilot’s message began.

“I’d like to turn your attention to seat 29-E where you’ll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa,” the message continued.

That’s when Eric turned to his wife with a shocked look at his face.

“Well Eric, although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did strike the jackpot,” the pilot said. “Congratulations! You’re about to be a dad.”

As passengers clapped, Eric smiled and leaned in to kiss his wife.

His wife gave a big “thank you” to the crew for helping to pull off the surprise.

Just as the video came to an end, you could see Eric wipe away a tear.

Lisa shared the video on Facebook in hopes of finding the crew to “Thank them again!”

As of Tuesday morning, the video had been viewed nearly 29,000 times.