AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — Chloe Jones is bruised from head to toe. She’s wearing a hoodie, to protect a still healing skull fracture. Despite her current condition, this 23-year-old wants everyone to hear her story.

“I want to tell the young girls across America, it’s not safe to get into a car with people you don’t know or a friend of a friend,” she said.

When Jones met William Mozingo, she thought he was harmless. When he offered her a ride, she didn’t think twice.

But Akron police say Mozingo had no intention of taking her home. Instead, he allegedly took her to a shed, locked the door and held her captive.

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“It was terrifying. Being in fear of your life countless times, I can’t even count how many times he threatened my life,” Jones said.

For four days, Jones says Mozingo abused her non-stop. Physically, beating her with baseball bat. Mentally, taunting her with the idea of never being able to see her child again.

FOX 8 asked Jones what kept her alive. 

“My son did,” she said. “I thought about him every day. I just saw his face in my head every day.”

Last Monday morning, a tip helped Akron police find and rescue Jones. Mozingo was arrested immediately and charged with kidnapping, plus other serious charges.

Mozingo has a history of this kind of behavior. In fact, Mozingo has been charged and convicted of three other kidnappings.

Jones’ mom hopes this fourth case, ends Mozingo’s ability to walk the streets a free man.

Photo courtesy Chloe Jones

“I am angry…this is not acceptable “ she said.

The damage has already been done but now, Jones wants justice. She hopes that speaking out will help do just that.

“You don’t deserve to live life the way normal people should. I hope there is something from this that comes to light for him,” Jones said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Jones.