LARCHMONT, New York (WJW) – A book that was due in 1933 is back with the library it was loaned from nearly 90 years ago.

The book, “Youth and Two Other Stories” by Joseph Conrad was checked out at the Larchmont Public Library in New York by Jimmie Ellis on October 11, 1933.

Ellis has since passed. His stepdaughter found the book in his belongings and mailed it back to the library.

“Now, I know what you are all thinking; I wonder how much that would be in overdue fees? At twenty cents a day, it seems like the fine could easily have reached over $6,400,” the library wrote in a Facebook post. “But no, the real answer is only $5!”

The library explained why the fee was so low.

“When a library book has not been returned after 30 days, it is considered ‘lost’ and the patron is billed for the initial price of the book. However, when the book is returned, it reverts back to the maximum fine which is five dollars. No matter how long a Larchmont Public Library book is overdue, if it gets returned, the maximum fine is a whopping five bucks,” they wrote.

Librarian Caroline Cunningham told The New York Post that getting the book back was “quite a surprise.”

But you aren’t going to find it on the shelves anytime soon. 

“That copy’s going to stay out of circulation. And will probably have it just to keep because it’s a funny story.”