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ASHLAND, Ohio– It was just after 3 a.m. Sunday when Shannon Marshall of Ashland took a break from work at the Good Shepherd Nursing facility to get popsicles.

“I was coming down this road right here and I saw the fire,” said Marshall.

Marshall said flames poured from a home on East Walnut Street so she stopped her car and called 911.

Dispatch:  911.  What is your emergency?

Caller:  There’s a fire at a house at…oh, my God. Is everybody out?

“I went to the door and the main door was open. That’s when I heard him yelling ‘help!'” said Marshall.

Without a second thought, Marshall sprang into action.

The elderly homeowner was apparently stuck on the steps.

“His feet were at the top of the stairs and his head was on the platform. So, I ran up and I just grabbed him out,” said Marshall.

Marshall dragged the man out onto the porch, just as police and firefighters arrived on scene.

“His hands were blistered and his skin was completely black. All I could see was his eyes and his teeth,” said Marshall.

Firefighters said several space heaters were found in the debris; however, the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

“To risk her own life and gain entry into a burning structure was a very dangerous situation. We do not recommend it. But at the same time, it’s nice to know there are citizens out there who risk possibly their own life to save another,” said Assistant Chief Dan Raudebaugh with the Ashland Fire Department.

“I think that God put me here. Honestly, I think that God put me here to save that man,” said Marshall.

Firefighters said he man was taken to an area hospital.

They also have plans to honor Marshall for saving the man’s life.