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CLEVELAND—A messy situation on Cleveland’s east side, as Glenside Road was waterlogged and had a deceiving hole on Saturday.

The situation caused some headaches, especially for one driver whose van took a nose dive right into what she thought was a puddle.

“It just was like, boom, and then smoke started rolling up off of the driver’s side,” Dikisha Taylor said.

There was unexpected damage to her vehicle.

“The bumper, the light, the door, you can see it’s still dripping water,” she said.

City of Cleveland water crews spent hours working on the problem Saturday afternoon.

Spokesperson, John Goersmeyer, tells Fox 8 there was a six inch water main break in the road, and that was the likely cause of the sinkhole.

“Everybody’s water is off on the street over here,” said Marcus Bacon, who lives on Glenside Road.

“I’m just happy that my car is out, my kids are ok and I’m ok,” Taylor said.

Goersmeyer tells Fox 8 that while assessing the original water main break on Saturday, crews actually found a second one.

As of Saturday night, Glenside Road near St. Clair Avenue is blocked off to drivers as crews work to repair the breaks.