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It’s a story that has left most people scratching their heads.

A 30-year-old woman from England claims to now be engaged to a ghost she met during a business trip to Australia.

Amethyst Realm, who is a spiritual guide, said her “fiance” approached her in the Australian bush six months ago.

“He’s very ancient, very wise, very kind,” she told ITV’s “This Morning” back in August.

She said she was sad when she had to leave Australia, but was surprised when he followed her.

“I suddenly realized he surprised me and had come with me,” she said.

She even said they went into the plane bathroom and became members of the “mile-high club.”

The show first had her on last December when she claimed to have cheated on her previous fiance with a ghost.

Realm returned to ITV on Halloween to give an update on their relationship and to explain why she doesn’t have an engagement ring.

“We’re looking for one,” she said. “But he’s really picky.”

When asked where he was, Realm said he was sitting on the interview couch.

She also explained that a friend came up with a name for her “fiance.”

“I’ve got a photo, I’m sorry,” she said as she got choked up. “I’ve got a rare photo where he reveals himself next to me as a ray of light. So the name ‘Ray’.”

Realm said she can’t see the ghost she’s engaged to, but she can feel him.

She said she has had about 20 other relationships with ghosts, but this time she knew this ghost was “the one.”

Back in August, Realm said her fiance doesn’t talk to her.

“It’s really difficult to explain in terms of regular Earth-bound relationships,” Realm told ITV. “It’s a bit deeper than that. We don’t have a need for conversation. It’s more just about emotion and feeling connection.”

Realm said she hopes to have a baby with her “fiance.”

When asked if she would be able to deliver a “physical baby,” Realm said she wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what it will come out like,” she said. “Whether it will be in spirit form or physical form, I don’t know.”

Realm said she understands that most people won’t believe or understand her relationship with “Ray.”

But she said it’s much like any other relationship.

“It’s similar to a normal Earth-bound relationship,” she said. “My partner just happens to be a spirit.”

“It’s definitely real. I’m definitely awake,” Realm said when asked if her relationship was a dream.

“For me, I know that it’s real,” she said.