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NASHVILLE, Tennessee — “It was a sexual style assault on my wife.”

That’s what James Lassiter told a reporter from WTVF in Nashville after he and his wife took their family to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.

Isabelle Lassiter couldn’t believe it when one of the chefs used a plastic toy to spray water in her face.

The toy looks like a boy urinating when the pants are pulled down.

“It peed on me basically,” Isabelle told WTVF.

“It really didn’t have a wiener, but you get the point,” Isabelle said.

The couple, who were dining with their minor children and grandchildren, called the police.

Officers said what happened with the toy, which is not anatomically correct, does not constitute a sexual assault.

No charges were filed.

The manager of the restaurant said he apologized to the family and will make sure chefs ask permission before using the toy while cooking for customers.

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