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WICHITA COUNTY, Texas — A Texas woman faces charges after allegedly trying to sneak meth through the mail to a murder convict.

KDFX reports Sara Russell, 29, faces a charge of prohibited substance/item in a correctional facility after her July 19 arrest. She’s in jail on $10,000 bond.

According to authorities, a mail room worker at James V. Allred Unit found a bulge behind a photo in a handmade card. When the worker pulled on the picture, she found a package with a white powdery substance. It later tested positive for meth.

Authorities say there were handwritten instructions in the package to tape the outside edges shut. There was a name and address on the package along with the initials “RTS” for return to sender. The return address was to the James V. Allred Unit.

Inmate Jason Burkett admitted to making the card and initially mailing it to Russell. Authorities allege that Burkett mailed the card to Russell with pre-arranged directions to put meth in it and have the package returned to him.

Burkett is serving life sentences for the murder of two boys in 2001. His co-defendant was executed for the murder of one of the boys.

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