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CLEVELAND — She took a gamble and may now have to pay the price.

A woman faces charges after she is accused of trying to cheat dozens of times at Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino.

Huogn Ngo, 42, was indicted on 12 counts of cheating at a casino game and one count of grand theft.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors said Ngo pressed her luck one too many times at the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland.  According to a 13-count indictment, the Lakewood woman cheated at four card poker dozens of times between April and May of this year.

“I’m definitely shocked that she pulled it off, I certainly wouldn’t try it, I have no interest in that,” said Paul Wetzel.

“If she got away with it this many times and she got busted, I say take her because that’s taking money out of our kids’ funds, money that we need here, that’s stealing,” said Jeff Aponte.

According to authorities, the woman is accused of capping and pinching bets. That means she would illegally add or remove money after the cards have been dealt.

“I can’t see that, I really can’t because you would think to be an organization and to be equipped as they are here with security, you don’t think no person can do that, can get away with that,” said Curtis Ford.

A spokeswoman with the Ohio Casino Control Commission said this theft is the largest dollar amount since the Horseshoe opened more than a year ago.

Investigators believe Ngo cheated the casino out of a total of $10,000.  They said a dealer noticed her the first time and then, officials monitored surveillance cameras for weeks after that.

“I know everywhere, there’s someone that wants to think that they can get over on someone else or something else,” said Ellen Chuckle.

“We don’t play any of the cards, just the slots,” said Jean Garvey.

“They have to send a clear and strong message that this is not tolerated and unacceptable and there’s punishment and consequences and if it was not handled that way, then it sends an unspoken message that this is tolerated,” said Carmen Gray.

Ngo is due in court July second.

According to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, this is the 80th time someone has been indicted for cheating at an Ohio casino.

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