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CLEVELAND (WJW) – A woman that was taken into custody after investigators say she boarded a Cleveland school bus and assaulted several students pleaded not guilty on Monday in court.

According to an incident report from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, 35-year-old Elizabeth Jackson boarded the bus without permission Friday morning while the kids were being picked up for school.

The report says Jackson headed toward the back of the bus and threatened an elementary school student, accusing him of bullying her son.

The bus driver told investigators that she told the mother to get off the bus, but the report says the mother refused to leave and slapped the student in the face.

The student told investigators that the woman also threatened the student’s sister and spat in her face when she tried to defend him.

The incident report says the woman also yelled at and slapped a kindergartener on the bus who “had no idea what was going on” and spat on another student.

According to the report, the woman went to leave but then turned back toward the students, so the bus driver blocked her from reaching them.

The mother continued refusing to leave and cursed at the bus driver until she finally left and the bus driver was able to close the doors.

The report says two of the students had visible injuries to the face, but no one was taken to the hospital.

When the principal told parents of the incident, the report says the parents planned to file charges against her.

The woman later admitted to getting on the bus, but she denied hitting any of the students, the report says.

She was taken to the Cuyahoga County Jail. She has been charged with assault and criminal trespass. On Monday, she plead not guilty to the charges.