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WADSWORTH, Ohio — A woman accused of abandoning a dog in a Walmart parking lot will soon be sentenced.

The Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told FOX 8 News they received a call about Agnes in November.  Wadsworth police called them and said a dog was found abandoned in a box near the clothing donation bin.

The pug was taken back to the SPCA’s animal shelter.

The woman accused in the crime, Rita Swartz, reportedly said she reached out to other shelters for help and was turned down.

The SPCA said Swartz never contacted them.

Agnes, who is 15 years old and blind and deaf, had a double ear infection and one of her eyes was in jeopardy of rupturing; her mouth was also infected with rotting teeth, the SPCA told us.

The vet treating the pup felt it was best not to do surgery as they weren’t sure if Agnes would survive.

Her foster parents adopted her and are letting her live out her days in their home.

According to court documents, Swartz pleaded guilty to abandoning animals. She will be sentenced on January 30.  The SPCA said they are hoping the judge will give her the maximum sentence to set an example.