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(WJW) – We’ve all heard the term “working remotely,” but one Ohio man is taking it to a whole new level. His workspace is entirely in the metaverse, all thanks to a virtual reality headset.

“If it’s rainy outside one day and I want it to be sunny, I’ll go to a beach environment,” said Jeff Weiser.

With the flick of his wrist, Weiser can transport anywhere because anything goes in the metaverse.

“At that point, I was like if I could be using VR all day during the pandemic, I might as well get in there,” Weiser said.

In the real world, he’s a father of two who lives in Cincinnati. In the virtual world, he is a charismatic leader revolutionizing the term “working from home.”

“The additional things that I could do in VR that I can’t do in reality really blew my mind. How I can have all these screens in front of me, how I can teleport from one place to another,” he said.

In the past year, Weiser quit his old job and started a translation company that works entirely in the metaverse.

He accesses his private virtual office through a VR application called Immersed, where he spends seven to nine hours a day.

“Boom. Real quick, get into a room and collaborate with my coworkers. Be next to each other, share virtual monitors, block the rest of the world out,” Weiser said.

From the outside, it looks strange. Weiser is standing in a bedroom, talking to himself and moving his
hands everywhere. But in his virtual world, Weiser is writing on a virtual white board and talking to avatars of his co-workers, who are actually real people who live in Ireland and Chile.

“You are actually there with people. The reason why you can say you are there with them is because that’s the experience,” Weiser said.

The lines are blurred between virtual and physical reality every day for Weiser, so he keeps track of his daily hours and productivity.

“For me, it doesn’t feel like I’m moving between realities as such, at least from working. Playing a game, you can get lost. Exercising, you can get lost, for sure,” he said.

Weiser believes this is just the beginning. The metaverse is still growing into a virtual and augmented reality
work space that will have companies looking at the future with a new lens.

“You really won’t understand until you are there because of the immediate sense of connection once you understand these experiences and what they feel like.”