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**See how ODOT is working to keep the roads clear during the winter storm in the video above**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s cold in Ohio. And it’s only going to get colder with some in the region seeing sub-zero temps Tuesday. But Dominion Energy Ohio is asking everyone to not crank up the heat in order to keep bills down and natural gas supply up this winter.

“Dominion Energy is prepared to serve our customers reliably during this upcoming period of extreme cold weather, but we also ask customers to conserve where they can do so safely,” the company’s Jim Eck said in a statement.

For customers that means keeping the thermostats low. The company recommends keeping homes and businesses at 68 degrees during the day and down to 58 degrees while asleep or away. They said that by following these guidelines, people can save anywhere from 10% to 15% on heating costs.

Dominion did say that people should not turn thermostats completely off during this time period, as rewarming a space could cost just as much as running heat consistently.

People are also encouraged to block drafty areas of their home with towels or blankets.