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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WJW) — A Wisconsin woman says she was fired this week over a post she made on social media issuing support for President Trump.

According to WISN, Robyn Polak posted to social media on Monday night, the day before the president held a rally in Milwaukee, which she says she attended.

“I said a few times, ‘Make America great again,’ and then I said, ‘MAGA 2020,'” Polak told the news outlet.

Polak says she believes she was fired from her job as a dental assistant because of these comments.  She claims another social media user wrote a negative review for the office alleging that their employees were racists.

“I think it’s the fact that I’m a Trump supporter, and I guess he thinks all Trump supporters are racist, and I am not a racist at all,” Polak reportedly said.

She says she made the posts on her personal page but still got a call from her office manager stating “we can’t get bad reviews, we have to fire you.”

Polak has only worked at the office for a few months and, as of Wednesday, has not yet had an in-person conversation with her former employer to discuss the situation.

However, she says she is already in the process of securing an attorney to see if she has a case for wrongful termination.

“It all comes back to my freedom of speech and my rights,” Polak reportedly said.

The dental office released the following statement to WISN stating that Polak’s political beliefs did not play a role in her termination:

“No employee has ever had their employment terminated for their political beliefs or their support or opposition of the president or any political candidate.”

Wisconsin legal experts say an employer has the right to fire an employee if their actions negatively impact the business, but if the termination of employment involves the First Amendment on the employee’s own time, it could fall under discrimination.