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PEWAUKEE, Wisc. — Pewaukee police are now enforcing a new initiative to stop teens from sending nude images to each other.

According to WISN, high school students who are caught doing just that could be fined hundreds of dollars.

Officers were reportedly at the school as often as once a week last year investigating sexting claims.

“Often times, (the sexting) is consensual between two people,” Pewaukee Police Chief Timothy Heier said during an interview. “But relationships fall apart, and one of the members decides to share that photograph with another person.”

He said they felt it was time to get proactive and come up with a solution which wouldn’t involve the court system.

In Wisconsin, nude images taken and sent by a minor is still considered child pornography.

The TV outlet said instead of charging students as sex offenders, officials are hoping the stiff penalties will be more effective.

“We are trying to discourage negative decisions that young people are making for themselves. They don’t realize or comprehend that a digital image is out there permanently, with long term consequences,” Superintendent Dr. Michael Cady said. “Our job is to prepare them for successful futures.”