CLEVELAND (WJW) – Like it or not, winter will be here before you know it. So, will it be another mild one, or can we expect heavy snowfall and wickedly frigid temperatures?

The FOX 8 weather team is breaking it all down in this year’s Winter Weather Outlook.

We’re seeing a unique El Nino this year. The word we came up with was “eclectic,” meaning it’s going to be a season with a lot of changes.

This December, expect near normal, expect a little above temperatures. In January, we start to see temperatures pulling downward to near normal or a little below. By February, we’ll enter into a cold phase.

So, what about snow? It looks like the best chance for significant snow will be between roughly Jan. 10 through Feb. 15.

We’re thinking somewhere between 52 to 62 inches of snowfall this season, which is near the average of 60 inches.

Find more details in the video above.

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