CLEVELAND (WJW) – A major winter storm is sure to impact travel, bringing flight delays and cancellations. 

Many people are eager to make it to their Christmas destination early before the storm potentially leaves them stranded.

FOX 8 checked with most of the airlines that fly out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and most of them will let you change your flight for free, but some have certain conditions.

“I’m getting out of here for Christmas… I have to go to my family. I was going to drive home tomorrow or Friday, my husband said ‘no’ this morning. ‘You’re getting on a flight.’ This is the last flight to Dulles tonight, so we’ll see,” said one woman who was traveling to the Washington, D.C. area.

Some passengers we ran into at Hopkins Airport are changing their plans at the last minute to make it home for the holidays. Others are just glad their original plans allowed them to get to their destination before the major storm arrived.

“We came from Cincinnati, Ohio and final destination Cleveland to see our grandma for the holidays and then we’re heading down to Florida for a friend’s wedding. The wedding’s on New Year’s Eve, so I need to be in Florida by then, but we’ll see how the weather turns out for us,” said another passenger.

“I always advise the clients to download the airline app, so that way they will get notifications as to what’s going on,” said Dawn Scadlock, travel consultant for Flite II Travel in Beachwood.

She says the major airlines are operating under a severe weather alert, giving passengers a break if they need to change their travel plans because of the weather.

“They offer waivers to the customer so that they can change their flights no fees, delay, but they’re really trying to get people to switch, either earlier or after the storm, but it’s the holiday, so many people want to get home and don’t want to wait, right, until Saturday or Sunday,” said Scadlock.

But even if you’re able to change your flight and avoid the bad weather, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make it to your holiday destination.

“As soon as you hear it, you should call because what happens is, everybody’s doing that, so the later flights or the earlier flights book up and then you’re really stuck,” she said.

“The storms’ coming, so I was like, ‘oh, I’m glad I’m getting out of here,’ so it’s good that we’re getting out of here early,” said another passenger.