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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Winking Lizard Tavern will close its Gateway location in downtown Cleveland after the Indians game on Sunday.

The restaurant chain said it has not set a date to reopen the Huron Road spot and does not anticipate that happening before the end of the year. The Winking Lizard at The Galleria will remain open.

“This is not an easy decision, but the current volume of business and the continuing challenges staffing our taverns, has made this unavoidable. All of our Gateway employees have been offered positions in Winking Lizards that are convenient for them and their schedules,” the owners said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Winking Lizard said it is short more than 150 staff members across its locations. Taverns will also be operating with a reduced food and beverage menu because of labor and supply issues.

The owners are working with family and former employees, saying they have more than 100 people ready to pick up open shifts.