BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s police commissioner says a man was shot and killed after he swung a baseball bat during a confrontation with people cleaning windshields at intersections for cash.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters on Thursday that 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds was driving through an intersection near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the afternoon when he encountered so-called squeegee workers and had a heated interaction.

Forensics team gather and collect evidence at the scene of a shooting on Conway St. at the intersection of light Street across from Harborplace Thursday, July 7, 2022 in Baltimore. A man was shot and killed after he swung a baseball bat at a person who cleans windshields at intersections for cash, Baltimore’s police commissioner said Thursday.(Karl Merton Ferron/The Baltimore Sun via AP)

Police released Reynolds’ name on Friday. Reynolds drove through the intersection, parked his car and came back with a baseball bat. He swung his bat at one or more of the squeegee workers and one shot him. The group of squeegee workers fled on foot.