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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio– The Willoughby Police Department is warning residents to be on alert.

A real-life Grinch has been taking packages and mail from homes on Crossbrook Avenue, which is off of Lost Nation Road, since Thanksgiving.

Willoughby Police Lt. Jim Schultz issued a warning to the thieves, “This is a time of cheer and joy you’re taking the opportunity to steal that cheer and joy from people.”

As the holidays approach quickly, officers are placing a priority on daytime patrols in neighborhoods.

Lt.Schultz said thieves are typically looking for checks being sent through the mail or valuable items they can sell quickly.

As more people get their holiday gifts shipped to their homes, police said residents should keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Lt. Schultz also offered this piece of advice, “If you know that you have a package that’s coming to your house, you want to try and be here at the time you know it’s going to show up, if you can’t be here, see if a relative or a neighbor can come pick up the package for you, maybe take some alternative delivery routes.”