WILLOUGHBY, Ohio (WJW) – From up above, our FOX 8 drone captured the Kirtland Country Club shimmering peacefully Thursday afternoon. 

Cleveland Attorney Tim Misny is pushing to keep it that way.

“The residence, hundreds have come to the club with gut-wrenching stories of suffering. Each time, the club says, ‘we are within the law. We are allowed to do this,’” Misny said.

Misny is referring to the club’s “Skeet Shooting” program.

For the past eight years, Kirtland Country Club has hosted these sessions for gunmen during the golf off-season.

Misny says it’s become a noise nightmare for those who live nearby.

“For point of clarification. The club does not shoot during their season because it would be too disturbing to their golfers, tennis players and outdoor dining patrons,” said Misny.

During a Thursday press conference, Misny announced his intention to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of those homeowners against the Willoughby-based country club.

Misny alleges that Kirtland fibbed their way through inspection to get an approval from the city.

“They lied repeatedly about the decibels, which is how loud it would be. They also lied about ways they would mitigate the noise,” Misny said. 

Misny is also alleging that the club ignored years of complaints from nearby neighbors.

This includes, Misny says, a Vietnam War veteran whose PTSD is triggered by the gun fire.

“Every time he hears the shooting, it triggers flashbacks to Vietnam, where he lost his dearest friends. That wasn’t enough for them. We have so many examples, it’s ridiculous,” he said.

Misny’s two main objectives in this lawsuit are to first, shut it down as soon as possible, and second, make the club pay for their actions.

However, it appears the club will continue the program. 

An official with the club issued the following statement for this story:

The Kirtland Country Club has successfully defended itself against a number of similar cases over the past years. We were successful in both the trial court and court of appeals. This latest case is simply another rehashing of the same baseless and frivolous claims that have already been litigated and dismissed. We expect this case will be dismissed as well.

Kirtland Country Club will defend itself in court and has no further public comment on this matter.